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Völkl M5 Mantra 19/20 Black/Red

Freeskiing ski from Völkl with Titanal

Völkl's fifth generation Mantra (Model 5) is a completely new and revolutionary modern freeskiing ski with cut out Titanal on the upper side, so-called "Titanal Frame" to, among other things. give the ski a more fun behaviour than previous generations. The Titanal frame is located above and behind the binding zone and reduces the weight together with the fact that the wood core is replaced by carbon fibre at the very tip. The weight reduction is not just for touring enthusiasts - it also reduces the negative vibrations that all tip-rocker profiles give at high speeds and increases the playfulness. The total weight reduction of -70 gram per ski means that the M5 still weighs in at a stiff 2 kg but Völkl still wants a full layer of Titanal underneath for pure performance reasons. The new high tech candy "Titanal Frame" and "Carbon tip" together with the new tail rocker profile, new shorter sidecut and a gentle taper in the front and back make M5 Mantra the first ski that performs with no protest, cuts or ragged trails on the piste when the skier uses the wrong angle and pressure between a carving and slurring turn. It's unbelievable what these five features (and 11 other adjustments) and three years of development and countless test skis can do for us non-perfect humans.