The new lifts will increase capacity in the system by over 5,000 people, and make skiing below the treeline even better. Once the ski system closes for the season in May, the digging will begin. Opening is set for December 2013.

The new lifts are situated at strategically important bases, and will make a substantial difference to accessibility and efficiency.   Three modern four- and six-seater chairlifts are planned, which will improve our guests'  total experience of the ski area.

Lift facts:
Four-seater chairlift to replace the T-bar that currently exists in Tegefjäll. Length 1,100 metres, vertical drop 275 metres. Capacity will reach 2,400 people per hour, doubling current capacity. The investment in a chairlift in Tegefjäll means a fantastic development potential for the excellent conditions available in the area around Duved.

Six-seater chairlift that will quickly transport skiers from Fjällgården up to the Sadeln area, with a capacity of 2,400 people per hour. Length 1,200 metres, vertical drop 270 metres. There is currently no lift at this location. Tottliften will remain in its current form. 

Six-seater chairlift that will take guests from Högåsliften's valley station in Björnen to the top of Sadelliften, with a capacity of 2,800 people per hour. Length 1,600 metres, vertical drop 302 metres. As a result, the current Sadelliften will be dismantled to allow for more descents and to widen existing descents. 

Fjällgårdsexpressen and Sadelexpressen are important areas in the development of the Björnen area, and conveniently link together the family's favourite Björnen with central Åre's system. This will enhance an already attractive ski area.