Hur fungerar det?

To rent out your property through us is very easy. We offer properties that are located in the vicinity of our ski destinations and assist you every step of the way from photographing and marketing the property to giving keys to the guests, on-call service and departure inspections.

The rental agreement includes:

  • Marketing of the property on, with over 13.6 million annual visitors
  • Photographing of property
  • Pricing
  • Reception service and key delivery
  • Cleaning materials and cleaning/damage inspection between departure and arrival.
  • Cabin and property service with on call service 24/7 during the winter season.
  • Maintenance and smaller repairs.

Satisfied guests return to the same cabin year after year. Therefore, make sure that all furniture, kitchen equipment, pillows, duvets etc. are undamaged and clean. The rental agency is happy to help you with tips and ideas of things to do and maintenance to make sure you have a top quality cabin.