Conference facilities

We have facilities suitable for the needs of all groups, both indoors and out in the mountains. Choose from small cosy group rooms to large conference halls with up to 1,200 seats. All our buildings are close to nature and the ski slopes.

Large conferences in the mountains

Several of our ski resorts have facilities for large conferences for up to 1,200 people.

We'll also help you with all technical questions to ensure everything is in place before the event takes place, and if you need producing help with recording/sound we can arrange for quotes and help with this as well. Many of the rooms are also suitable for dinners, concerts or parties.

Locations for large conferences
- Sälen
- Trysil
- Vemdalen
- Åre

Conference in the mountains
Taking your colleagues somewhere different can foster a creative environment. We can arrange a conference out on the mountain or in a skiable site right on the slopes. Why not a sun pit in the spring, or a cabin on the mountain?

Conference at home in your cabin
If you want to host a cabin conference, that's no problem - we can help with that! We can deliver a projector and refreshments so you can relax at home in peace and quiet.