Travel to Vemdalen

To get to Vemdalen, take a flight and then a transfer shuttle for the last bit of the journey.

From December to April, easyJet fly between London (Gatwick Airport) and Åre (Åre Östersund Airport). The flight time is about three hours.

During the winter it is easy to get to Vemdalen with airport transfer; the trip is about 120 km.

Car ferry from Tallin and Helsinki

Let the boat do the work - enjoy a relaxing journey on the car ferry from Tallinn to Stockholm. From there, it's around 5.5 hours by car to Vemdalen.

Tallin- Stockholm Tallink

Helsinki- Stockholm Tallink and Silja 


If you are a Russian citizen and wish to visit Vemdalen, you need a Visa support letter. Click below to fill out the form.


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