Opening hours lifts

Here you will find the opening hours for the lifts at Trysil. From the start of the season until the last ski day on 28 April.

Dates / times for the season 2018/19

  Opens Closed (last day open)
Turistsenteret 30. nov 28. Apr
Høgegga As soon as possible 28. Apr
Skihytta As soon as possible 28. Apr
Høyfjellssenteret As soon as possible 28. Apr


The Lifts’ opening hours

From season opening - February 1st
Every day 09.00 - 15.30

During the pre-season, the lifts at Høyfjellssenteret are open every day from 14 December.
On Christmas Eve (24 December), the lifts will close at 14:00 

February 2nd - April 28th
Every day 09.00 - 16.30
Non-Stop night skiing until 20:00
Smotten (F10), Stormyra (F7),
Myrsnipa (F13) & Hytteheisen (F13)
Mon, Wed, Fri 

17. Dec - 17 Apr

Sindretrekket (T7), Knetta (T8) &
the children's lifts Fryvil (T4) & Eventyr (T6)
Mon, Wed, Fri 

17. Dec - 17 Apr


Note: No night skiing on 31 December

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