Children's activities with Valle in St. Johann

Almost every day children's activities with Valle await you around the skiing destination of St. Johann. Get to know Valle at Meet & Greet or take a few turns on the slopes with him.

Valle's activities

Valle's Ski Parade

Valle is inspired by skiing with the children – so all the children, and their parents too, are heartily invited to the parade!

Meet & Greet

Come along and meet the friendliest cuddly snowman in the world for yourselves! What would be a better memory of your ski trip than a photo of you and Valle? Take the chance to find out more about the real Valle.

Meet & Ski

Skiing with your favourite snowman Valle! Valle loves to discover new things and is always on the move exploring the skiing destination. 

Ski Show

Every Tuesday a spectacular ski show with impressive effects takes place at the Harschbichlbahn valley station. Valle personally coordinates the combination of ski school and freestyle pyro artists who together perform an impressive show with fast turns and professional lighting effects.

Dance with Valle 

Family entertainment with Valle and his friends.