OD Trails - Bike park

The bike park in Oberndorf for families, beginners and anyone who wants to practice and improve their riding technique. Let yourself be comfortably pulled to the top with the first bike anchor lift/T-bar in Tyrol.

Opening hours for Valle's Tauwiesenlift

June, September, October Thur-Sun 10 AM - 6 PM
July and August Daily 10 AM - 6 PM
Griesbachweg 8 6372 Oberndorf in Tirol

Good times and good technique – hone your MTB skills

4 kilometres of fun trails for beginners and advanced skiers, jump line, skill area and cross-country loop — these are the OD trails in Oberndorf. Simply attach your mountain bike to the anchor lift/T-bar, up the mountain and off you go! 

If you want to make new bike experiences, no matter if you are a learning biker, a beginner or a downhill experienced bike pro, the new OD Trails are the right place for you. A total of four different trails from easy to advanced are waiting to be conquered. 

Thanks to very little altitude difference and the first bike anchor lift/T-bar in Tyrol, you will find the perfect training ground here!


  • 4 trails: Green, Blue, Red, and Black Line

  • 1 Jump Line with 3 difficulty levels: Blue, red, and black

  • Skill Area: Hairpin bends, steep steps, practice trail and more

  • Pro Tow bike anchor lift/T-bar

  • Bike wash

  • Intersport Patrick's bike shop and rental


The Green Line – approx. 900 m - 8% gradient: For beginners, adults and children, but also for advanced riders to practise their curving technique and as access to the Jump Lines. Bump trails and banked turns with small tables for those first small jumps. First trail experiences are gained and cornering technique can be consolidated. No larger rocks, no roots, no trees, absolutely secured.

The Blue Line – approx. 1,200 m - 8.5% gradient: For talented beginners and advanced riders. Several jumps (they can also be ridden over). Tighter curve radii, higher speeds, light rock gardens, as well as steeper passages. Finally, there's the infamous Penzinghof Jump — but only for experienced jumpers!

The Red Line – approx. 700 m - 8% gradient: A more difficult trail with black sections that can be avoided. Bigger jumps, technical rock gardens, drops and tight corners, as well as many tables, doubles and rollers. Advanced riders will be in their element here. Not suitable for beginners!

The Black Uphill Trail - approx. 700 m - 11.4% gradient: A technical uphill trail for experienced e-bikers and fit traditional bikers. With this trail, we're embracing the strong trend among electrically assisted bikers for technical uphill riding, as well as offering a further line for competitive athletes for training camps. Hairpin bends, large rocks, steps and wooden obstacles must be mastered.

Jump Line: 3 lines – Blue, Red, Black: A rock drop as the entry into three different levels, a table to finish. The 3 difficulty levels gradually increase from Blue to Black and you can excellently increase and tackle more altitude and width.

Skill Area: Two hairpin trails, steep steps, steep descent and practice trail. Perfect for learning mountain biking and gradually increasing your skills.

Bike wash

It goes without saying that there is also a washing station for your bikes at OD Trails – so you can clean them quickly and easily and leave the trail mud where it belongs. 

Ride up in comfort with Valle's Tauwiesen lift

Want more downhill and not so much going uphill? With the ProTow system from Doppelmayr, you will be transported comfortably and easily to the top! And for an attractive price, too.

You can see all our Trail Cards and prices here:


The Gravity Card is valid in Harschbichlbahn and Tauwiesenlift from the summer of 2021.

Good news! From now on the Harschbichl gondola and Tauwiesenlift will also be valid in the Gravity Card, together with Kitz Ski Bike Trails. 22 bike destinations in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovenia and Italy with a perfect mix of bike parks and enduro lines can be used all summer with the Gravity Card.


Here is how you find the OD trails:


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