Mountain bike and single trail

The gentle Kitzbühel Grasberge mountains are a paradise for mountain bikers, with countless signposted routes where you can explore the breathtaking scenery around the Harschbichl.

Depending on your conditioning and fitness, you can decide whether you want to fight your way up the mountain with a classic mountain bike or take a more leisurely ride on an e-bike. Reward yourself with a visit to our rustic huts, where a cold beer and a hearty farmer's platter await before you head back down to the valley.

Single Trail 

The single trail on the Kitzbüheler Horn was recently constructed in the summer of 2017. It meanders from the middle station of the Harschbichl ski lift over two and a half miles and 1400 feet deep through lush forest and green meadows into the valley. 145 curves, numerous bends as well as eleven northshore elements and bridges ensure powerful flow and plenty of variety. 

Rookies and experts alike will have fun on this intermediate track because only speed determines difficulty here. The final, somewhat easier 200 yards of the trail are particularly attractive from a landscape perspective. The view of the Wilder Kaiser and Leuken Valley is fantastic.

Track description 

The flow trail starts at the middle station of the Harschbichl ski lift. The entrance is located just below the lift station, near the reservoir.

The single trail starts off comfortably and winds its way through the forest in gentle bends and ridges until it reaches the forest road for the first time. This descends a short way to the right, down the mountain, branching a little later again into the trail.

The track picks up speed and crosses the forest road again after a short ride. The trail continues through the forest via beautiful bends and curves.

Where the trees thin out, the first northshore bridge is reached to easily freewheel over. Another longer bridge leads out of the forest into open terrain. Now the track picks up speed until the forest road is crossed again.

Again on the trail, it first goes through sparse and then denser forest. The next northshore bridge can be taken with a lot of speed and a little later it's through the forest road again.

The trail continues diagonally to the left. A sequence of fast bends, curves and waves brings smiles to the riders' faces. The forest thins out and the terrain becomes more open. The gondola now floats above and is always in sight.

The trail is now more earthy and provides a fast ride due to the number of bends and curves. Small jumps and springs repeatedly provide some air time. On a northshore with railings, the trail crosses a ditch and continues the journey directly under the lift supports.

Bends, curves and northshores follow in close succession. The forest becomes sparse and the meadowland increases. Again and again, fantastic views of the Wilder Kaiser and the Leuken valley open up.

The trail then runs slightly below the Almhof and crosses the mountain cart track over a wooden bridge. What comes next is pure riding pleasure: the perfect single trail winds over the meadows past the former summer toboggan run down into the valley.

At the end of the route there is a Skill Park where riding skills can be perfected.

Skill Park

The new Skill Park includes a trail with a length of approx. 600 yards and consists of a green ascent trail and three descent trails in green, blue and red levels of difficulty. The Skill Park is ideal for improving your technique or experiencing mountain biking for the first time. The training area is designed to appeal to the beginner up to the intermediate rider in particular.

The following techniques can be practised in the various sections:

• different curve radii

• wave riding for learning how to weight shift when biking

• raising the front and rear wheel for riding over an obstacle 

• tracking and balancing on tree trunks of width 8, 12 and 16 inches approx. 4 inches above the ground

• a small 10 inch drop

• small jumps


From summer 2019 we are offering special Trail Cards - your mountain bike can come with you on the Harschbichlbahn cable car.

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