Sälen - Valles childcare

Valles childcare is closed for the 2019/20 season.

We offer daycare for small children, with fun and games for the little ones while you get to enjoy some time on the slopes without them. 

Here you can leave your children in safe hands if you want to hit the slopes on your own for a while. The children's daycare facilities are located right by the ski slopes and you can leave children aged 2-9 with our trained children's activity leaders. We offer a safe environment where children can do art, watch films and play with other children.

Baby minding for the teeny-tinies

The baby minding service is open for children 6 months and above. When you leave your child you have to show ID and leave an ID and a mobile number where you can be reached. You have to be able to return to the site within 20 minutes of a call. We never take the child out of the buggy, instead we call you immediately if your child wakes up.

When we were designing this service, we consulted Britt-Inger Carlstedt, paediatrician and specialist in child and adolescent medicine, for advice and guidance on how to operate our baby minding in the smoothest and safest way possible. The conclusions were:

- The child must be at least 6 months old

- The child must be healthy

- The child must be freshly changed and dressed for sleeping outdoors

- The things the child is used to having around it, e.g. a dummy, snuggle blanket, must be with it in the buggy

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