Lift opening hours Hemsedal

Here you will find the opening hours for the lifts at Hemsedal, from the start of the season to the last ski day on 5 May.

Open hours 2018/2019 Season

Hemsedal Ski Centre  
30 November - 1 February 09.00-15.30
2. February - 5 May 09.00-16.30
Roniheisen, Tindenheisen, Totten 2, Skarsnuten and Olaheisen opens 09:30.
The lifts close at 14:00 on Christmas Eve, 24 December 

 Morning and night skiing

Morning skiing  
Saturday: 22. December - 23 March                      07.30-09.00
Open lifts during morning skiing: Hollvin Express (E), Fjellreven (B1). 


Non-Stop Skiing  
Tuesday & Wednesday: 25. December - 27 March 09.00-19.00
Friday: 28. December - 22 March 09.00-20.00
Open lifts during Non-Stop Skiing Hollvin Express (E), Skarsnuten (J), Ulven (O), Valle 1 (A1).


Skarsnuten (J) stays open 30 minutes past open hours.

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