New cycling trail to be built in Hemsedal

The summer of 2022 will see the opening of Utsikten, a green multi-use cycle path for hiking and cycling on the mountain, at the top of the chair lift at Hemsedal Ski Centre. Utsikten has a wonderful view down the valley at Solaustbekken. 

Last summer, a blue 10.5 km long floating path was added. The path has gained a lot of attention in the trail cycling world. The magazine Terrengsykkel was full of praise when they tested sections of the path: "We tested just under half of the route, and our conclusion is that this will be an incredible cycling experience".

Tottelia is Hemsedal's playground for things on two-wheels. It's located midway between the town centre and Hemsedal Ski Centre, just behind Fyri Resort. Here you can find circular routes graded green, blue and red, and a total of 2 km of flow, banked sections and jumps for all skill levels. You can also find a cosy bonfire area to take a break, with a fantastic view across the valley.

In 2023, a challenging red cycle path will open, which will run from the top of Hollvin Express and down Sentrumsløypa before ending at Fyri Resort and will be connected to the rest of the system in Hemsedal Rides.