67 cm
Terrain snow depth
Open Parks
Open Lifts
Avalanche information
47.5 km
Open Cross Country
Open Slopes
14.8°C  0.5m/s
Gust 2.4 m/s

What's up today

2019-04-23 7:17 am

VM8:an (Å22) opens at 8:00 am. Other open lifts open at 9:00 am

Gunniliften (D7), Englandsliften (D6) Byliften (D1) are closed due to lack of snow. 


Guest service 0647-130 00

Opening hours ski lifts

VM8:an (Å22) in Åre daily 8.00-16:30
Other ski lift daily 9:00-16:30
After 15:00 Bergbanan (Å33) is just open for transportation, no skiing

Deviations - see above

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Åre By (Village) - snow depth is measured at Rödkullen 600 meters above sea level (official measure point)
Duved - snow depth is measured at (D7) Gunnilliftens mountain station 760 meters above sea level
Björnen - snow depth is measured at (B41) Lokattsliftens mountain station 550 meters above sea level
Högzon - does not have its own measuring point - snow depth of Åre Village stated.

Cross Country Skiing

2019-04-23 09:31 am

Björnen: 1km prepared for classic and skate 23/4. 2km, 3km, 5km, 7,5km, 10km. 15 km prepared for classic and skate 21/4. Thin snow cover and wet tracks.

Duved: 1km, 2km, 3km, 5km and 7,5km prepared for classic and skate 15/4. 10 km and 15 km prepared for classic and skate 8/4. The tracks are no longer prepared for this season in Duved.

Ullådalen: 2,5 km and 5 km prepared for classic and skate 23/4. The track from Ullådalsstugan to Lillåstugan prepared 22/4. 

Illuminated  tracks 07:00-22:00 if needed:

Björnen: 3 km and 5 km
Duved: 2,5 km, 5 km and 7 km

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Night skiing

Night Skiing is over for the season!