12 Aug - 13 Aug 2022

Järv Adventure Åre

Järv Åre is a team competition that takes you up to the mountain peaks on foot and out on the lovely trails in Björnen by bike. During the adventure, you will solve tricky missions inspired by Wild Kids, Master and Sweden's Strongest Family.

Lodging during Järv Adventure Åre

About the competition

The competition will run for two days. On the first day there is a fantastic mountain hike up on Lillskutan and Åreskutan. Cycling will be used on day 2, where all the fun trails in Åre Björnen will be explored, and there will also be a trip to Fröå Gruva.
Järv Åre is medium-difficult. It is mainly day 1 with the trails up to Lillskutan and Åreskutan that are challenging. Cycling on day 2 is quite easy. Everyone who can cycle will master Jerv Åre perfectly.

Two starting groups:

Järv Kompis:

14 - 80 years

Järv Familj:

8 - 80 years

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