Red trails


Mörvikshummeln – halfway up to the Åreskutan summit you'll find one of the most classic, and probably most photographed, views of the Åre valley, village and lake. To get here, you can choose between three alternatives with different difficulty levels; take the lifts VM6 (Å31) and Hummel (Å32) all the way and/or down (a short hike on a gravel path between the lifts), hike from Fjällgården via the historic Stjärnvägen (Star trail) 214 up to Mörvikshummeln, or take the VM6 (Å31) up and hike the steep but short trail (214b) up the Hummelbranten slope.

Lift: VM6 (Å31) + Hummel (Å32)
Trail distance: 1.8 km
Time: 1.5 - 2.5 hours
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Summit tour

Up at the Åreskutan summit you can see as far as the eye can reach in all directions. Take the VM8 (Å22) and Gondolen (H23) up the mountain and hike trail 214 to the top. The 800 meter long trail is steep and rocky in parts. Enjoy a waffle at Toppstugan, Sweden's highest café, fully 1,420 metres above sea level.

Hike the same trail down and then take the lifts down to the valley or choose to challenge yourself by walking the approx. 1.5 - 2 hours on trail 214 all the way down to the village.

Lift: VM8 (Å22) and Gondolen (H23)
Trail distance:
1.6 km
Time: 1.5 - 2 hours
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Totthummeln wind shelter

Totthummeln's wind shelter is a great destinations for excursions close to the village, suitable for everyone! The wind shelter is located at the highest point on trail 213 "Around Totthummeln", approx. 1 hour from Fjällgården and has a BBQ area and views of Åreskutan. Don't miss out on the short side trail up to the summit of Totthummeln before heading home - the views are definitely worth the extra effort! Shorten the hike by taking the funicular Bergbanan (Å33) up to Fjällgården.

Lift: Bergbanan (Å33)
Trail distance: 2 km
Duration:1 - 2 hours
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Western trail to the summit of Åreskutan

Take the VM8 (Å22) and Gondolen (H23) lifts up and hike the Western trail down to the summit of Åreskutan. Hike along trail 214, via the stairs of Svartberget to Mörvikshummeln and then right on the gravel path of the historic Stjärnvägen (Star trail) down to Fjällgården. Alternatively hike 214 b left down the Hummelbranten slope to the VM6 (Å31) lift and take the lift for the last bit down.

Lift: VM8 (Å22), Gondolen (H23), VM6 (Å31)
Trail distance:
2.5-5.5 km
Duration: 2 - 3 hours
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