Blue trails


Viewpoint with stunning view of the village. This gem with unbeatable views of Åre village and Åre lake is located approx. 30 min away from Fjällgården along trail 213. Take the funicular Bergbanan to Fjällgården to make the hike shorter. Don't forget to turn left after crossing the ski slope Tottbacken and entering the forest at Totthummeln. 

Lift: Bergbanan (Å33)
Trail distance:
1.2 km
Time: 45 minutes - 1.5 hours
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An exciting hike for both young and old where you get to enter Åre's mythical world. Along the trail you'll find both elves and trolls so make sure you keep your eyes open. Signs along the trail showcase some of the Åre valley tales and stories. Starting at the bottom, you'll find the trail at the trail centre east of the VM6 (Å31) valley station. From there the trail continues in the lee of the forest and follows the upper part of the burbling Mörviksån river up to Fjällgården. If you want an easier hike, take the funicular Bergbanan (Å33) up and hike down.

Lift: Bergbanan (Å33)
Trail distance: 1.5 km
Duration: 0.5 to 1 hour
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Mörvikshummeln – halfway up to the Åreskutan summit you'll find one of the most classic, and probably most photographed, views of the Åre valley, village and lake. To get here, you can choose between three alternatives with different difficulty levels; take the lifts VM6 (Å31) and Hummel (Å32) all the way and/or down (a short hike on a gravel path between the lifts), hike from Fjällgården via the historic Stjärnvägen (Star trail) 214 up to Mörvikshummeln, or take the VM6 (Å31) up and hike the steep but short trail (214b) up the Hummelbranten slope.

Lift: VM6 (Å31) + Hummel (Å32)
Trail distance: 1.8 km
Time: 1.5 - 2.5 hours
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Stendal circular

A slightly longer hike but without dramatic height differences, suitable for most hikers. About halfway through the trail you will find one of our picnic spots: Bräckebäckstjärnarna wind shelter with barbecue area (see the trail map for more info). Hike west from the centre station of the funicular Bergbanan along a gravel path for the first few kilometres, then turn upward toward beautiful mountain environments in the Stendalen valley. To make the hike shorter, take the VM8 (Å22) and hike west on the gravel path, walking the trail counterclockwise. This trail requires proper shoes or boots as part of the trail is wet. 

Lift: VM8 (Å22)
Trail distance: 9.6km
Time: 2.5-3 hours
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