Black trails

Eastern trail to the summit of Åreskutan

Challenge your legs and lungs, get rewarded with stunningly beautiful views and pure serenity. Take the funicular Bergbanan (Å33) and then hike trail 215 via the west side of Totthummeln, turn left at Totthummeln's wind shelter and continue up to the Lillskutan mountain and the summit of Åreskutan. Then hike trail 214 all the way down to Åre village again or use the lifts. Either take Gondolen (H23) and VM8 (Å22) all the way down or hike down to the VM6 (Å31) mountain station and take the lift from there. 

Lift: Funicular Bergbanan (Å33), Gondolen (H23), VM8 (Å22), VM6 (Å31)
Trail distance:
8 km
Time: 4 - 4.5 hours
Opening times lifts: Read more 

Eastern trail to the summit of Åreskutan - downhill

This tour is mostly downhill. Take VM8 (Å22) and Gondolen (H23) up and hike to the summit of Åreskutan (214). Enjoy a perfectly cooked waffle at the summit cafe, Toppstugan, before continuing down the mountain on trail 215 to Hotel Fjällgården. Take the funicular Bergbanan down to Åre square or continue the hike along trail 212. A great tip is to stop for a coffee break and enjoy the view from the cliff Nalleklippan on the west side of Totthummeln. 

Lift: VM8 (Å22) and Gondolen (H23)
Trail distance:
6.8-8.3 km
Time: 2.5 - 3 hours
Opening times lifts: Read more