Using the Klarna card in the mountains: Simple, flexible and without fees

We pull out all the stops to make your booking, skiing and shopping better, so you can have a smoooth experience in the mountains.

Pay with your phone or smart watch.

Leave your wallet in the cabin. With the Klarna card, linked to Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can pay easily and securely by phone or smart watch. No need to freeze your fingers off when you need to buy something on the slopes. As smoooth as light fresh snow on top of a corduroy piste. 

Pay straight away. Or later.

About to head off for full days on the slopes, evenings in the spa and some après ski in between? With the Klarna card you're in control of how you pay. You can buy SkiPasses, skis, and book accommodation today and pay for it later, on your terms. 

Free of charge. No hidden fees.

The Klarna card does not have an annual fee. It also won't cost you anything to get the card or to use it, unlike most other banks. This means you can spend your money on fun things such as après ski or a spa instead of giving your hard earned cash to the bank. Fancy switching the Swedish mountains for the Alps? Sälen for St. Johann? With the Klarna card you also don't have to pay currency charges abroad. Wunderbar! 

Getting the Klarna card is easy with the Klarna app - and free of charge.


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