Freight and deliveries

Information regarding freight costs and delivery options for your orders.

You can either choose to pick up your groceries at the store, have them delivered to your booked cabin, or order transportation of the groceries from SkiStar in accordance with the following:

Smaller packages: 
The goods will be shipped to a delivery point closest to the mailing address you’ve entered as your shipping address. When the packages is ready to be picked up at the delivery point, you’ll receive a SMS to the mobile phone number you’ve entered when ordering, with the information regarding the consignment-id. When the consignment is to be picked up, you need to show a valid ID document.

This option is free of charge for orders exceeding SEK 500. For orders lover than SEK 500 a shipping fee of SEK 49 will apply.


Home delivery: 
We’ll send the goods directly home to you. Information about the delivery is by phone. Home delivery usually refers to delivery to the main door or landline of the address (i.e. not delivered to an apartment or house).

Cost for home deliveries:

For an order containing a product longer than 150 cm, the following applies:

  1. Free shipping on the total amount if the order exceeds SEK 1500.
  2. The shipping fee is SEK 149 if the total amount of the order is lover than SEK 1500.

 If the order does not contain products longer than 150 cm, the following applies:

  1. The shipping fee is always SEK 149.


Pick-ups at a SkiStar store 
The goods is collected in a SkiStar Concept Store selected by the customer at any of SkiStars destinations.

Do not order any goods for pick-up at a store if the pick up time is more than 20 days ahead. Items that haven’t been collected from any of SkiStars own stores within 14 days from the first notification, will be returned to SkiStar.

You can collect your goods from one of these stores:

  • SkiStarShop Concept Store, Sälfjelltorget, Sälen
    (Delivery time 1 day)
  • SkiStarShop Concept Store, Tandådalen, Sälen
    (Delivery time 1 day)
  • SkiStarShop Concept Store, Vemdalsskalet, Vemdalen
    (Delivery time 3 days)
  • SkiStarShop Concept Store, Björnrike, Vemdalen
    (Delivery time 3 days)
  • SkiStarShop Concept Store, Hemsedal Skisenter, Hemsedal
    (Delivery time 7 days)
  • Hanson Concept Store, Åre square, Åre
    (Delivery time 3 days)
  • Welcoming Centre, Trysil Tourist Centre, Trysil
    (Delivery time 7 days)
  • Welcoming Centre, Trysil Mountain Centre, Trysil
    (Delivery time 7 days)

This alternative is always free of charge. When goods is to be picked-up, you always have to show a valid ID document and a sales receipt.


Delivery to a cabin:
Have your order delivered directly to your mountain accommodations* in connection with your arrival. In order to be able to choose the delivery option, “Deliver to cabin" it is required that you are logged on to “my page”, have a booked holiday apartment, with and arrival date within three weeks, and have completed the order at no later than two days before your arrival.

If you opt to have your order delivered directly to your mountain accommodations, we’ll deliver the goods on your arrival day. This delivery alternative is free of charge.

*This only applies to a select number of cabins in Sälen which are booked through If the option “Can not delivery to cabin” is not available at the checkout (within the above mentioned period), we are unable to deliver to that accommodation.

Delivery time

For deliveries of smaller packages or for deliveries at home, the normal delivery time is 1-4 working days from when SkiStar sends a confirmation via e-mail confirmation on your order. If the item needs to be assembled or otherwise changed or processed, delivery time is between 5 to 10 business days.

If you pick up the product from a SkiStarshop Concept Store, the product is usually available after 3-7 business days after you have received your confirmation. When your order is sent from our warehouse, an email will be sent to the specified e-mail address.

The above stated delivery times may vary and we don’t provide any warranty regarding delivery times. If a delivery is delayed, please contact our customer service team

Unclaimed packages/deliveries

Goods that has not been collected from external delivery sites or from our own stores within 14 days from the first notification, will be returned to SkiStar. This will also apply to our own stores, so you as a customer must therefor not order goods for pick-up in store earlier than 20 days before estimated collection time.

If the goods is returned after the above mentioned deadline, you will be charged a fee of 299 SEK for administration, shipping, return and handling costs. Packages that are not collected are not covered by the right of withdrawal.