Exchanges and returns

We offer a 30 day open buy and the right to exchange if you are not happy with your purchase.

Open buy and the right to exchange

To make you feel good about your purchase, we offer a 30 day open buy and the right to exchange the item from the time you have received it. For full refund or replacement, the product must be return unused. If the product is returned in a deteriorated state, an impairment loss will be made, including damage to original packaging and labels. 

Our open buy and the rights to exchange does not apply to goods made or modified according to the customer's specific requirements, such as mounting of skis or cobbling of boots. 

Exchanges and returns

A return slip is included with all orders, with a simple return form that you fill in when returning the product. We’ll cover the cost of one exchange per order, provided you use the attached return slip. When exchanging an Item, a shipping charge of SEK 49 will be charged by reducing the refund amount.

If you want to exchange the item for a new, please place a new order. This is to ensure that we have your item in stock, and to expedite your new order. Follow the instructions on the attached return slip.

When exchanging a promotional product:
With a change of size of a product you purchased at the promotional price, the same price applies as in previous order. You place a new order for the size you wish to change. You submit your new order number to and inform us that you have made a change of size. We will adjust the price of your new order at the same price as in your previous purchases. When paying by card, the amount is returned to your credit card. If you have chosen invoice as payment method, you will receive an updated invoice sent to you from Klarna when the price adjustment is made.

Follow the instructions on the attached return slip. For information and help regarding returns that are not covered by our return slip or free shipping, please contact our customer services.

If you for some reason have misplaced the provided return shipping label, you can log into ”My page” and order a new. Go to orderings/bookings and click on ”Details” regarding the order you want to return/exchange. Choose “Order return shipping label”, and fill in the form.

If you weren’t logged in when you made the purchase, you have received a link in the e-mail with your order confirmation. Use the link to go to your order, and then click on ”Details” regarding the order you want to return/exchange. Choose “Order return shipping label”, and fill in the form.

We will as quickly as possible send the return shipping label to your e-mail address,however it may take up to 24 hours.

Exchanging and returning items in our stores:

You may exchange items you have bought through our online stores at some of our Concept Stores in Sälen, Åre and Vemdalen. Exchanges and returns in our stores are free of charge. You must take with you the order confirmation that you received with your purchase, which is the equivalent of a receipt. This will enable the staff at the checkout to help you. 

Note: If the purchase is done online, and the delivery made to a Swedish address, the item may NOT be exchanged at one of our stores in Hemsedal, this due to the Customs rules between Sweden and Norway.

The range of our online items and items in our physical stores may vary. You may contact our customer services if you want to know if we have the item you wish to exchange to in stock. Opening hours and contact information to our stores can be found here.

Packaging when returning or exchanging

When returning or exchanging, you are responsible for the item during the return transport until the package is received. In order of minimize the chance of damaging the item during transportation, please make sure it is package and handled in a correct manner. To achieve full refund or replacement, the product must be unused, returned in its undamaged original packaging, and retain all labels and accompanying manuals.

It is important that the outer packaging is used, and that tape or other material are not affixed to the original packaging. When purchasing sanitary items, underwear and swimwear, the seal must not be broken.


Once we have received and approved the return goods, the refund will be made within 14 days of receiving the returned items. When possible, the refund will be done the same way as the payment was received. Shipping fees are not refundable.

To enable a return or a replacement, you must prove that the purchase was made from us. We therefor recommend you save your order confirmation and payment reference as a receipt for your purchase.