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SkiStar AB's general terms of purchase.

1. Applications and definitions

These General Terms and Conditions are applicable when you as a customer ("Customer" or "You") order and purchase a product (“Unit" or "Goods") with Shipping within Sweden from SkiStar AB (publ), organization number 556093-6949 ("SkiStar ") And thus includes a purchase agreement with SkiStar. In addition to what is apparent from mandatory legislation, these General Terms and Conditions ("Terms") shall exhaustively regulate what is applicable to the Customer's purchase of goods.

The customer must always accept the terms so they can order goods. A person who is not jet 18 is not entitled to order goods from SkiStar without the approval of a chaperone. 

2. Ordering and entering into a purchase agreement

The customer can order their goods through SkiStar’s webpage at (”the webpage”). A purchase agreement is considered to be concluded when the customer's order has been confirmed by SkiStar by e-mail to the e-mail address specified by the customer when ordering, or by prior registration with SkiStar. When ordering a unit, the customer accepts these terms.

The customer is required to provide accurate and complete personal- and contact information in connection with the ordering of goods or, if the customer is a recurring SkiStar customer, ensure that the previously stated information is correct and complete.

3. Rates and fees

The different items prices and rates are stated in SEK including VAT, and are specified in connection with the various items on the website. There may be special charges for invoice layouts, processing of goods (eg mounting of ski bindings) and for goods ordered, but not collected by the customer. 

More information about these special charges are stated here.

4. Information

Inaccurate information may be given regarding stock status and / or prices for different goods. If an item is sold out, has expired or for other reasons is no longer available, SkiStar has the right to cancel an initial purchase agreement with the customer.

Both parties have the right to cancel the contract if the price stated at the time of the conclusion of the purchase agreement was incorrect, provided that such cancellation occurs within five (5) business days from the date of the mistake being notified by the party concerned.

SkiStar does not guarantee that the images or product information provided of the different items on the website or elsewhere, accurately reflects the appearance and/or nature of the product in question.

5. Delivery

When an item is ordered, you can either pick it up at the store, or order delivery of the item from SkiStar in accordance with the following:

Smaller packages:
The goods will be shipped to a delivery point closest to the mailing address you’ve entered as your shipping address. When the packages is ready to be picked up at the delivery point, you’ll receive a SMS to the mobile phone number you’ve entered when ordering, with the information regarding the consignment-id. When the consignment is to be picked up, you need to show a valid ID document.

Home delivery:
The item is sent directly to the customer’s home. Information about the delivery is by phone. Home delivery usually refers to delivery to the main door or landline of the address (i.e. not delivered to an apartment or house).

Pick-ups at a SkiStar store
The goods is collected in a SkiStar Concept Store selected by the customer at any of SkiStars destinations. This alternative is always free of charge. When goods is to be picked-up, you always have to show a valid ID document and a sales receipt. 

Addresses and opening hours to the current SkiStar stores are listed here.

Delivery to cabins:
The order can be delivered directly to you mountain cabin* in connection with the customers arrival. In order to be able to choose the delivery option, “Deliver to cabin" it is required that you are logged on to “my page”, have a booked holiday apartment, with and arrival date within three weeks, and have completed the order at no later than two days before your arrival.

If you opt to have your order delivered directly to your mountain accommodations, we’ll deliver the goods on your arrival day. This delivery alternative is free of charge.

*This only applies to a select number of cabins in Sälen which are booked through If the option “Can not delivery to cabin” is not available at the checkout (within the above mentioned period), we are unable to deliver to that accommodation.

The different delivery alternative rates are stated here.

For deliveries of smaller packages or for deliveries at home, the normal delivery time is 1-4 working days from when SkiStar sends a confirmation via e-mail confirmation on your order. If the item needs to be assembled or otherwise changed or processed, delivery time is between 5 to 10 business days.

When items are picked up from SkiStarshop Concept Store, the item will normally be available within 3-7 working days from when SkiStar have sent a order confirmation to the customer. When the customer's order is shipped from SkiStars warehouse, an email is sent to the specified e-mail address.

The above mentioned delivery times can vary, and SkiStar makes no guarantee regarding these. In case of delays/missing deliveries, the customer should contact SkiStars Customer Service. 

6. External transporting companies

SkiStar hire in external transporting companies when delivering goods. However, the customer has a direct agreement with SkiStar, and therefor makes the payment to SkiStar. The external transporting companies may contact the customer in order to contract specific delivery dates, obtain information about delivery conditions, etc.

7. Damages occurring during transportation

SkiStar are responsible for items that are damaged or lost during transportation to the customer, though they are subject to the restrictions that follow from these terms.

The risk is transferred to the customer as soon as the customer has signed off on the goods from the external transporting company, from SkiStars stores, or from third parties delivery spot. If the customer has agreed upon the external transporting company delivering the items to an address without a person to sign off for the goods, the risk is transferred to the customer when the goods is delivered.

The customer must immediately, in connection with the collection or reception of the goods, carefully examine the product to ensure that it is not damaged. Any damage or defects to the goods should be reported and noted on the transport document which the external transport company/delivery centre has. In case of delays/missing deliveries, the customer should contact SkiStars Customer Service. The customer shall keep the packaging, in case of a transport damage.

8. Payment

The customer can use the following methods of payment when paying for your commodities: (I) Card payment by VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and Eurocard. (II) Klarna invoice or Klarna instalments and (III) direct payment through a bank.

No fees will be charged for card-or credit invoice payments through Klarna. To shop using an invoice, you must be over 18 years old. The customer may not have any payment remarks and/or previously unpaid claims from Klarna.

If a card payment is accepted, the amount will be reserved immediately, the customer will then receive an order confirmation sent to the given email address. The amount will be deducted from the customer's account when SkiStar ships the item.

If the item is returned, the money will be reimbursed to the same card. If the card payment is not accepted, your order will be cancelled. If the customers have any questions regarding this, they should contact their bank or card supplier.

9. Unclaimed packages/deliveries

Goods that has not been collected from external delivery sites or from our own stores within fourteen (14) days from the first notification, will be returned to SkiStar (the customer should therefor not order goods for pick-up in a store earlier than twenty (20) days prior to the pic-up date).

If the goods is returned after the above mentioned deadline, you will be charged a fee of SEK 299 for SkiStars administration, shipping, return and handling costs. Packages that are not collected are not covered by the right of withdrawal.

10. Malpractices and complaints

SkiStar are only responsible for original errors. SkiStar is for example not responsible for errors due to normal tear and wear. The customer must complain to SkiStar within a reasonable period of time from when the error was detected, though no later than three (3) years from when the customer received the goods. The customer loses the right to complain after three years. SkiStar reserves the right to either rectify the error, provide an error free item or credit the customer with an amount equal to the value of the damaged or lost product. 

The customer can not claim any other penalties against SkiStar. If remedial or a deduction is not made or does not occur within a reasonable time after the customer has complained, the customer may cancel the purchase. In case of a cancellation, the customer is entitled to a full refund of what has been paid to SkiStar in connection with the purchase of the goods. In case of complaint, the customer should contact customer services. 

11. Right of withdrawal, returns and exchanges

Consumers always have fourteen (14) days’ right of withdrawal, under the Distance and Home Sales Act. In order for the customer to feel completely safe with the purchase, SkiStar offers thirty (30) days' right of withdrawal, that is to say a right to return the goods, or a substantial part of the item. within thirty (30) days of receiving it.

To achieve full refund or replacement, the product must be unused, returned in its undamaged original packaging, and retain all labels and accompanying manuals. The Customer is obliged to replace SkiStar in cases where a decrease in value has to be made on the goods because the customer has handled the product to a greater extent than necessary. With such a decrease in value, SkiStar has the right to deduct the amount upon repayment to the customer. 

When purchasing sanitary items, underwear and swimwear, the seal must not be broken. Our open buy and the rights to exchange does not apply to goods made or modified according to the customer's specific requirements, such as mounting of skis. Once we have received and approved the return goods, the refund will be made within fourteen (14) days of SkiStar receiving the returned items. When possible, the refund will be done the same way as the payment was received. 

When returning and replacing an item, the customer is responsible for the goods during the re-transport until SkiStar receives the goods. In order of minimize the chance of damaging the item during transportation, please make sure it is package and handled in a correct manner. 

To enable a return or a replacement, you must prove that the purchase was made from SkiStar. We therefor recommend you save your order confirmation and payment reference as a receipt for your purchase.

If the customer wishes to exercise their right of withdrawal, follow the instructions provided in the package when ordering. For more information about the procedure for returning and exchanging of goods are stated here The Customer must have followed and implemented these instructions before the expiry of the withdrawal period to be deemed to have exercised his right of withdrawal on time.

When exchanging an Item, a shipping charge of SEK 49 will be charged by reducing the refund amount. SkiStar will pay for one change per shipment, if SkiStars Return shipping label is used. If you don’t use SkiStars return shipping label, SkiStar will not be able to refund the shipping costs.

For information and help regarding returns that are not covered by our return slip or free shipping, please contact our customer services.

12. Force Majeure and Limitation of Liability 

If SkiStar is prevented from fulfilling its obligations under these conditions due to circumstances that SkiStar could not help, such as war, labour dispute, lockout, fire, flood, shortage of transport or energy, government action, new or amended legislation, SkiStar will be exempt from damages and other penalties, provided that SkiStar informs the customer of the conditions within a reasonable period of time. As soon as the obstacle has ceased, the obligation will be fulfilled in an agreed manner. If such a delay exceeds two months, both the customer and SkiStar have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, without any obligation to pay damages.

In addition to what is stipulated in these terms and conditions, and what arising from mandatory consumer law, SkiStar has no liability to the Customer for errors, delays or damages. SkiStar is only responsible for any damage that the customer could not restrict or avoid. Furthermore, SkiStar is never responsible for the businesses losses.

13. Personal data act

By providing personal information to SkiStar, when ordering or registering, the Customer agrees that their personal data is used to fulfil SkiStars’ commitments to the Customer and to administer the parties' contractual relationship.

The personal data may be used for billing purposes and for sending important information to the customer, such as changes of fees, price list updates or purchase terms, and to contact and provide information to the customer specifically tailored for his/her interests.

The personal data may also be processed for market and customer analyzes and statistics as well as for marketing purposes, such as targeted advertising, administrative announcements, product offers, newsletters, etc.

The personal data may be updated and supplemented by retrieval of data from private and public records. The personal data may be disclosed to other companies within the SkiStar Group and to companies in which the Group co-operates with for specified purposes.

A given consent can be revoked at any time by the customer. A customers who (I) does not want his/her personal data to be processed for direct marketing purposes or (II) does not wish to receive information about, may request correction or deletion of their personal data processed by SkiStar by submitting a written request to SkiStar

14. Cookies

SkiStar will use various means to for example see how the customer uses SkiStars web pages. Cookies (cake in Swedish) are small text files which is placed on the client's web browser when the customer visits SkiStars web pages. By using SkiStars web sites and services, the customer agrees that SkiStar uses cookies as shown below.

The text files contain information that allows SkiStar to for example customize their services to better fit the customer. SkiStar may also use so-called web beacons - electronic images which among other things allows a web page to count the number of visitors. Web beacons may also be called ”single-pixel GIF” or web lighthouses. SkiStar may also allows certain collaborators to place cookies or web beacons on the customer's web browser when the customer visits SkiStars web pages. 

SkiStar uses cookies and web beacons to conduct surveys on behalf of certain partners on their web pages. The surveys are aimed at measuring the effectiveness of certain advertising and our partners can then get information regarding this. SkiStar may use different analysis tools to evaluate and analyze visitor statistics.

The customer can choose whether to accept cookies or not. If the customer wants to know when the computer receives a cookie, the customer can set up their browser to notify them. This allows the customer to accept or reject a cookie. The computer can also be set to refuse all cookies. If the customer chooses to disable the cookie feature, they should be aware that it may prevent parts of SkiStars web pages from working properly.

15. Evaluations

The customer may evaluate different items on the web page. In the event a customer makes such an evaluation, the customer grants SkiStar the right to publish it on the website and in other channels and media, together with the customer's name and other personal information that the customer has provided to SkiStar. SkiStar reserves the right not to publish and/or remove a customers evaluation.

16. Miscellaneous

These terms and conditions and all agreements entered into between the customer and SkiStar shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes arising therefrom shall be finally settled by the General Court with the Stockholm District Court as the first instance. 

For questions about the meaning of these Terms or Procedures for cancellation, complaints, shipping damages or other, contact SkiStars Customer Service. 

Contact information for customer service can be found here.

If the customer wishes to exercise their right of withdrawal, follow the instructions provided in the package when ordering. For more information about the procedure for returning and exchanging of goods are stated here