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On and we use cookies in order to improve you experience, to gather information for our marketing and in order to develop the web pages.

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Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a web page. Cookies are used to facilitate the use of a website, for example by remembering your choices and preferences, as well as to develop the site and to analyse your behaviour. Some features will not work without cookies. SkiStar may use various tags, such as various electronic images and scripts that allow a web page to count the number of visitors to the site. SkiStar may also allow certain partners to place cookies or tags on the visitor's web browser when the customer uses SkiStar's web pages.

How we use cookies

On our websites, we use cookies to improve your experience, to gather information for our marketing and to develop the site.

User experience

We use cookies when you are logged into our site so that you don't have to provide your username and password for each page visited, for instance during the booking process. We also use cookies to remember what text you have entered into search and booking forms, etc., so that you will be able to navigate the website without having to provide this information every time you change page, and, for example, to determine what language this page should appear in for different users. We also use cookies to optimise the speed of our web pages.



We use cookies to personalise offers and advertising on and other websites based on your activity on the website, whether you are logged in or not. These cookies may be used, among other things, to select targeted advertisements or otherwise customise the pages you see, through advertising and custom content, known as personalisation. We also use cookies on contest entry forms and customer surveys. This means that you, as a visitor, do not have to fill in the same survey every time you enter our website.

Web development

We use cookies to compile anonymous, aggregated web statistics that enable us to understand how visitors use our site and help us to improve the structure and content of our website. Where a visitor is logged into our website or makes a booking, information about this is also stored in our cookies.


What types of cookies do we use?

Session cookies

For some features on or our other websites to function, for example for the right web pages to be displayed to the right person, our website uses what are known as "session cookies". When you visit our websites, our web servers allocate your computer a unique ID number for that unique visit. These cookies do not have an expiry date and are instead stored temporarily in the user's computer memory until the browser is shut down. Thanks to these cookies you do not need to fill in all your information again every time you hit 'Back' during the booking dialogue, for instance.

Persistent cookies

A persistent cookie has a specified duration, or lifetime, that determines how long it is stored on your computer or mobile device. These cookies are stored until their lifetime expires or until you delete them manually.

Third-party cookies

A third-party cookie is a cookie that is placed on your device on our behalf by anyone other than us. This occurs where we have providers that perform services for us, such as certain analysis services or services that allow you to share our pages on social media.


You can control how cookies are handled in your browser

You have the option of preventing cookies from being stored on your computer and can change the settings in your browser at any time. You can then choose to block all cookies or only specific cookies. You can also delete persistent cookies stored on your device at any time. If you choose not to allow the use of cookies from or any of our other websites, it may mean that certain services cannot be used or that not all aspects of the site will work properly.

How personal data is handled in cookies

It may happen that SkiStar collects and manages personal data through the use of cookies. Where this happens, our Privacy Policy applies.

We use cookies on this website to provide you with the best possible customer experience. If you continue, it means you agree that cookies are being used according to Skistars cookie policy