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It pays to join MySkiStar. As well as ski statistics, pins and offers, you now receive bonuses on everything you buy online with us at SkiStar.

As a member of MySkiStar you get points on everything you buy online at or The points can be used as payment when you for example buy a new jacket or book your next holiday with us.  The points are personal and is linked to your MySkiStar profile.

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How do I collect points?

You need to join MySkiStar in order to collect points. Activate your MySkiStar account with the same login information that you use to log in to My Page at You then receive points every time you shop online at and 

When are the points registered?

Points are registered for products you have bought at once the right of withdrawal for the purchase in question has expired according to the current conditions of purchase.

Points are registered for trips and travel products you have bought on on the day of departure after your stay.

When can I use the points?

As of season 2015/16, points can be used as payment when you book your ski holiday on or buy equipment and clothing on Points cannot be used for trips or products purchased over the telephone or in one of our shops.

How do I use the points?

Log in to and book/purchase your products online. You can then choose to use your points as part payment when you check out. 

You need to have an earned bonus of at least 20 SEK (4000 points) in order to use your bonus to make a purchase.

Which products can I not collect points for?

You cannot collect points when you buy a gift card – however you do collect points when you use a gift card as payment. Nor are points awarded for trips or products that are bought/ordered over the telephone or in our shop.

How long are the points valid for?

Points are valid for 36 months from when they are earned. If the points are not used before their final expiry date they disappear from the system.

How are points calculated? 

Points are calculated in Swedish crowns (SEK). 1 SEK = 1 point

Why are points counted in SEK and not NOK or DKK?

This is due to the fact that SkiStar AB is a Swedish company with its head office in Sweden.

What are my points worth?

Each point gives 0.5% in bonus. For example 10,000 points gives a bonus of 50 SEK.

How do I receive my bonus?

All bonuses are registered digitally and no bonus cheques are sent out. You can instead see your points by logging into My Page. 

Why can’t I see my points?

You must activate your MySkiStar account with the same e-mail address and password that you use on ‘My Page’ in order for us to know which points should be registered to your account.

Why are points missing?

You cannot collect points if you have purchased/booked over the telephone or in one of our shops. If you have made changes to your booking over the telephone or at one of our receptions this may affect your points. For help about missing points, contact customer service .

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