Offers in MySkiStar

Your ski pass is packed full of added value and discounts. All you have to do to get them is register with MySkiStar.

You get offers when you buy a ski pass or do an activity on the mountain. The more demanding the task, the more advantageous the offer.

An offer can range from a free lunch to a discount on a pair of skis. You can find the offers you have earned on your MySkiStar profile. When you receive a new offer, the offer will be locked onto your profile. 

Please note that you must have a personal profile on the MySkiStar, with your own personal ski pass registered, in order to use skiing statistics, pins and offers.
Your own email address is required.

Offers available just by linking your ski pass

Just by joining MySkiStar, you'll get:

  • Get points on everything you buy online at and, which you can use as payment when you purchase products or trips online with us at SkiStar.
  • Free access to MySkiStar WiFi by Telenor at selected locations in our resorts

Find out more about MySkistar Points »

When you buy a ski pass valid for 3 days or more and link this to your account, you get:

  • 40% off ski maintenance (Silver grinding) at SkiStarshop.

When you buy a weekly pass valid for 6-8 days or more and link this to your profile, you get:

  • A free day pass for any of Skistar's other Scandinavian resorts during the season.
    The offer becomes valid after the completion of your stay and is valid only at Scandinavian SkiStar destinations other than the one in which your ski pass (for 6-8 days or longer) was valid.

Discounts apply to all ski passes listed above as well as to all season passes and MySkiStar All.

How do I take up an offer in MySkiStar?

To use an offer, show it to the staff on your smartphone, who will then click on "Redeem". If you don't have a smartphone, you can instead use the code from the offer page of your MySkiStar profile.

In your profile, you can also see what offers you can get and what you need to do to get them.