Membership terms for MySkiStar and MySkiStar Points

1. Application and definitions
These membership terms set out the terms that apply to you, the user/member (“the
member” or “you”) and SkiStar AB (publ), company registration number 556093-6949
(“SkiStar”), the service provider for the MySkiStar customer club and MySkiStar
Points bonus system. Alongside the mandatory legal conditions, these membership
terms (“the terms”) comprehensively regulate the provisions that apply to MySkiStar
membership and the MySkiStar Points bonus system.

By registering as a member of MySkiStar, the member accepts the terms. The terms
are valid until further notice and are subject to changes at any time by SkiStar. The
currently valid terms are available on the website

The membership can be terminated with immediate effect by the member and with
one month's notice by Skistar AB.

2. Membership of MySkiStar
Membership of MySkiStar is free. MySkiStar offers the member use of the functions
and possibilities offered by MySkiStar at the member's own responsibility. The
service gives you access to your skiing statistics, competitions, challenges, pins, etc.

The member's use of MySkiStar must conform to the terms and may not violate
applicable laws, regulations or good practice. Nor must use infringe a third party's
rights, be offensive or lead to a risk of damage. MySkiStar has the right, but is not
obliged, to inspect members' use to ensure that the member is not breaching the

SkiStar has the right at any time to block a member and his or her account if the
member is not complying with the terms or is acting in another way that may be
damaging for SkiStar, another member or third party. A member who has been block
does not have the right to re-register or use the service via another member's login.
The member undertakes to indemnify MySkiStar for any damage caused by the
member through his or her use of the service.

3. MySkiStar Points
MySkiStar Points is a free bonus system provided by SkiStar. As a member of
MySkiStar, any purchases made at and are
automatically registered in the MySkiStar Points bonus system.

The points system is personal and linked to the member's MySkiStar profile. Points
are only given for travel-related purchases for the member's own household or for
goods purchased via and However, no points are given
for trips or goods purchased/ordered by telephone or in-store. Points are also not
given for gift card purchases. However, points are given for purchases from and when a gift card is used as a means of payment.
Points are registered at the following times (i) for goods, when the cooling-off period
for the relevant purchase has expired according to the applicable sales terms and (ii)
for trips, on the return date after your stay.

Points are calculated as follows. The sum paid for purchased goods equals an
equivalent number of points. 1 SEK equals 1 point, the sum for purchased
goods/services are then converted into the currency the member pays. One point
equals a bonus of SEK 0.005. Example: If a member spends SEK 10,000, the member
receives 10,000 points. The bonus earned for this purchase is therefore SEK 50 (SEK
0.005 x 10,000 points).

Earned bonuses can as from the 2015/2016 winter season, be used to pay for the
member's purchases of trips or goods at and The bonus
cannot be used for the purchase of trips or goods purchased/ordered by telephone
or in-store. The bonus may at no time be redeemed for cash. All bonuses are
registered digitally and no bonus cheques are sent to the Member. The member must
have at least 20 kr in local currency in earned bonuses to be able to use his or her
bonuses for purchases. Your points are valid for 36 months from the date they were
earned, after which they are cancelled in the bonus system. Information on earned
bonuses can be seen on “My page” and/or via mailings.

4. Personal details and other information
SkiStar is responsible for all personal details provided to SkiStar by the member. By
becoming a member of MySkiStar, the member agrees that SkiStar may use the
personal details and other information provided to SkiStar by the member (e.g.
name, e-mail, personal ID number, user name, account details, details of purchases,
information and the member's skiing statistics etc.) to fulfil SkiStar's undertaking to
the member and administer the parties' contractual relationship. The details may
also be used for marketing and customer analyses and statistics as well as for
marketing purposes, such as addressed advertising, administrative notifications,
product offers, newsletters and for creating ranking lists, tips on training etc. The
member's personal details may also be used for sending important information to the
member and to contact and provide information to the Member that is specially
targeted at the member's interests.

The personal details may be updated and supplemented by obtaining the details
from private and public registers. Personal details may, for the purposes given above,
be passed to other companies within the SkiStar Group and companies that the
group works with. This consent may be revoked at any time by the member.
Members who (i) do not want their personal details to be used for purposes related
to direct marketing or (ii) wish to obtain information on or request correction or
deletion of their personal details used by SkiStar must request this in writing to

5. Cookies
SkiStar uses various tools to study, for example, how the member uses the service
and SkiStar's websites. Cookies are small text files placed on the member's browser
when the member is visiting SkiStar's websites. By using SkiStar's websites and our
services, the member agrees to the use of cookies by SkiStar in accordance with the
provisions below. The text files contain information that allow SkiStar, for example,
to adapt its services to suit the member better. SkiStar may also use web beacons -
electronic images that allow a website to calculate the number of visitors to the site,
among other things. Web beacons can also be called “single-pixel GIFs”. SkiStar also
permits some of its partners to place cookies or web beacons on the member's
browser when the member is visiting SkiStar's websites.

SkiStar uses cookies and web beacons to conduct surveys on behalf of certain
partners on its websites. The surveys aim to measure the effectiveness of certain
advertising and our partners can then collect information on this. SkiStar can use
various analysis tools for the purpose of evaluating and analysing visitor statistics.
You can decide whether or not you want to accept cookies. If you want to know
when your computer receives a cookie, you can tell your browser to alert you. In this
way you can choose whether to accept or reject a cookie. Your computer can also be
set to reject all cookies. If you choose to de-activate the cookies function you should
bear in mind that this can prevent parts of SkiStar's websites from working properly.

6. Offers and information
As a member of MySkiStar you can make use of unique offers from SkiStar and
SkiStar's partners.

SkiStar is not responsible for any errors in the information provided in offers and item
information regarding, for example, price. SkiStar reserves the right to amend such
information at any time without prior notice.

7. Sharing information via social media
Members of MySkiStar are invited at their own responsibility to share the contents of
MySkiStar with other people via social networks. The contents that can be shared
include, for example, statistics, pins, challenges, and competitions. The member is
responsible for all content that the member provides and for ensuring that the
member and SkiStar, via the service, have the right to provide information via social

8. Age limit
You must be aged 7 or over to be a member of MySkiStar. If you are under 16 you
must have your parent's or guardian's consent to be a member. By registering as a
member of MySkiStar you are guaranteeing that you are at least 7 years old and, if
you are under 16, you have your parent's or guardian's consent.

You must be aged 18 or over to take part in the MySkiStar Points bonus system.

9. Availability
SkiStar's intention is for the service to be provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The service is provided, however, in its existing condition and SkiStar cannot
guarantee the service's availability. The service may occasionally be down due to
planned or unplanned maintenance, interruptions in operations or other
circumstances. SkiStar reserves the right to update, revise, or temporarily or
permanently cease providing the service.

10. Force Majeure
SkiStar may not be legally penalised if SkiStar fails to carry out what is set out in the
terms as a result of an exempting circumstance that prevents or considerably
jeopardises the agreed performance. An exempting circumstance means an
unforeseen circumstance that lies outside SkiStar's control such as a natural disaster,
fire, war, amended legislation, official measure or labour conflict.