Precautions – activities

All our activities and lessons take place outdoors, so one tip is that you should dress for the weather.

  • Only one parent may come to the meeting point at a time to drop off and pick up children.
  • We spread out all our gatherings as far as possible.
  • SkiStar staff avoid unnecessary physical contact with guests. In case of any care and assistance that may be necessary in the event of an injury, we have developed special procedures and precautions.
  • Parents help children put on and take off equipment.
  • Instructors and leaders have hand sanitiser available during all activities.
  • Where participants receive water or food, anything to be eaten or drunk is always individually packed in portions.

In our climbing parks:

  • We ask everyone to keep their distance.
  • Queues for the tower are organised using ropes and extra signage.
  • On the way up the tower, guests are channelled into pairs by instructors in order to avoid crowding on the top level.
  • A maximum of 5 people are allowed on each floor at any one time.
  • On the platforms along the course, a maximum of 2 guests and one instructor are permitted. 
  • Harnesses and helmets are disinfected after each use. Special cleaning products for this type of equipment are used.
  • Hand sanitiser is always available in the equipment booths.