Safety precautions in our lodgings, equipment hire facilities and SkiStarshops

Digital check-in and check-out of your lodgings, a digital queuing system and the ability to top up your Lift or TrailPass in real time via the SkiStar app are some of the safety measures we have in place to ensure you feel safe during your stay with us.

  • Digital check-in and check-out at lodgings
  • Increased procedures for cleaning lodgings
  • With our new digital queuing system, guests wait outside to rent bikes.
  • No queues at the checkout, only one group at a time per checkout.
  • As far as possible, we ask you to book this service in advance via 
  • With the SkiStar app, you can easily load you LiftPass in real time, on site in the lift queue, if you have the LiftPass card (plastic card) on you. If you do not have the LiftPass card, select “new card” and collect it at any of our SkiPass pick up dispensers located in connection with the skiing/cycling area.