Corona information Hemsedal and Trysil 19/20

Hemsedal and Trysil´s ski closed the winter season early due to a municipal decision (Force Majeure)

Refund and rebooking

If you have a reservation with SkiStar in Hemsedal or Trysil you are entitled to a full refund for all products booked via SkiStar. All reservations regarding winter season 2019/2020 have been processed.

For those who have a planned trip to Hemsedal or Trysil

As it is difficult to plan in the current situation, we will have limited activities at our ski resorts during the upcoming snow-free season, and we are currently unable to say when these will be able to open (e.g. lifts and bike parks). Lodging bookings for the summer season are open, and we are setting up precautions for our activities in line with regulations and general advice from the authorities. We aim to help people experience the joy of movement in our awe-inspiring mountain environment even during the snow-free season, but with activities adapted according to the authorities' advice and guidelines, with the health of our employees and guests coming first.