Spa and relax

Welcome back into the warmth at the Kulpen Spa. Enjoy saunas, jacuzzis, a gym, indoor pools and so much more. Why not try out one of our twelve treatment rooms, where you can enjoy spa treatments expertly designed to rejuvenate dry skin, relieve muscle soreness and encourage deep relaxation. No matter where you are in the spa, enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and landscape.

At Kulpen Spa, you will also find a pool bar with smoothies, drinks and light snacks. The Kulpen gym includes weights, exercise bikes, barbells and two incline treadmills.


Opening hours

Everyday 10.00-20.00
Family time, children under 14 years 10.00-15.00
Treatments Tuesday-Friday 14.00-20.00 Saturday 12.00-20.00Sunday 10.00-15.00
Week 29-32: Everyday 12.00-20.00