Summer and autumn

Here you will find check-in times and a map of your check-in area during spring, summer and autumn.

Arrival information can be found on My Page at and in the app. It will also be sent via text before arrival.

Check-out is at the same location where you checked in. Both keys are to be returned at the same time. Check-in and check-out times

During the period 03 July 2020 until 27 September 2020, check-in and check-out take place as follows:

Accommodation Day of arrival Check-in 
may take place no earlier than
must take place no later than
Check-in and check-out location
Sörgårdarna, Torghuset, 
Skalsbyn, Utsiktsbacken Storhogna
all days 15.00 11.00 Check-in 31A
Hovde Hotel all days 15.00 11.00 Check-in 30A

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