Please find the check-in times and the map of the check-in locations here.

Check in at the check-in location indicated in the list below. Your arrival envelope will be available there from the start of the check-in time. When the reception is closed or if you're checking into a Check-in station, you will find the key in a Key box, the code for the Key box can be found on My Page.

Check-out is at the same location where you checked in. Check-out by placing the keys in a Check-out box.

Check-in and check-out

During the period 16/10/2019 to 19/04/2020 check-in and check-out takes place as follows:

Lodging Check-in after Check-out before Check-in location
Hotell Klövsjöfjäll 15.00 11 am (if cleaning purchased: 10 am) Hotel Klövsjöfjäll
Fjällfoten 15.00 10.00 Check-In SkiStarShop Klövsjö
Katrinagården 15.00 10.00 Check-In SkiStarShop Klövsjö
Klövsjö Panorama 16.00 11.00 Check-In Skistarshop Klövsjö
Klövsjögläntan 15.00 10.00 Check-In SkiStarShop Klövsjö
Klövsjö cabins and apartments 15.00 10.00 Check-In Skistarshop Klövsjö
Skidterassen 15.00 10.00 Check-In Skistarshop Klövsjö
Solterassen 15.00 10.00 Check-In SkiStarShop Klövsjö
Solviken 16.00 11.00 Check-In Skistarshop Klövsjö

SkiStar reserves the right to make any changes to check-in due to delays and any other unforeseen events related to or involving the accomodation.

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