Check-in and check-out in Sälen, other places

For those who have booked accommodation in other parts of the Sälenfjällen mountains. Please find the check-in times and the map of the check-in locations here.

Check in at the check-in location indicated in the list below. Your arrival envelope will be available there from the start of the check-in time. You will find the key in a Key box to the right of the entrance of Centrumhuset. The code for the Key box can be found on My Page.

Check-out is at the same location where you checked in. Check-out by placing the keys in a Check-out box.

Lodging   Check-in   Check-out   Check-in location
Garpsätra   15.00   11.00   Centrumhuset Key Box
Sälen village   15.00   11.00   Centrumhuset Key Box

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