Åre - Backside

Together with experienced guides we’ll explore the “behind the scene” of Åreskutan, one of Sweden’s most famous and classic off-piste tracks.

Experience off-piste skiing on large open spaces with a fantastic view from Åreskutan’s top, all the way down to the Kabinbanan valley station.
The journey begins with us carrying our skis on our shoulders from the Kabinbanan mountain station up to the top of Åreskutan. Then it’s time to turn our skis down hill, so you can feel your pulse increase and the lactic acid burning while you enjoy the 1,000 meter fall-height world-class skiing.

Minimum age: 16 years

Prerequisites: You are a good skier and can handle all the piste slopes at a good speed and in a controlled manner. You should have done some off-piste skiing previously. Valid SkiPass is needed.

When? Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from week 8 through week 17, at. 9:30-12:30

Click on the current day in the calendar to see if the experience is bookable.

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