Competition classes

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In addition we give out prizes to the most creative team wear!

Class Type Category
1 Class Men 
2 Class Women
3 Class Boys born 03-04
4 Class Girls born 03-04
5 Class Boys born 05-06
6 Class Girls born 05-06
7 Class Boys born 07-08
8 Class Girls born 07-08
9 Class Boys born 09-10
10 Class Girls born 09-10
11 Children accompanied by guardians Children born 11 and later **
12 Snowboard all ages Men
13 Snowboard all ages Women
14 Telemark all ages Men
15 Telemark all ages Women
16 Cross country skiers all ages Men
17 Cross country skiers all ages Women
18 Sit ski all ages Men
19 Sit ski all ages Women
20 Team competition Men and mixed teams (5 participants per team)
21 Team competition Women (5 participants per team)

** You only have to enter the child, the adult guardian is not participating in the competition. 



A ski competition for everyone

Book now - from 60 sek / person

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