3 Jan - 6 Jan 2019


For three intense days, Sweden's future alpine hopes will race on the Giant Slalom Slope in Björnrike, Hovdebacken at Vemdalsskalet and the Giant Slalom Slope in Klövsjö.

Vemdalsslalomen/Klövsjösvängen is Sweden's largest alpine youth competition and the first competition was held in 1978. The arrangers are Vemdalen's Alpina and Klövsjö Alpina.

Info for guests during the weekend

Only one slope per area will be closed for competition. 

The slopes that are closed during the weekend are:

  • Björnrike: Storslalombacken
  • Vemdalsskalet: Hovdebacken
  • Klövsjö: Storslalombacken

Information for those who will compete can be found on VIF Alpina's website »