Trysilsmellen programme

During Trysilsmellen, Knettsetra and the other nightlife spots at the Tourist Centre come alive. Here you will find the programme for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Thursday, 25 April  
Live music at the Loftet Bar with Katastrofe, Charlie Roennez and Groendahl. 22:00
Friday, 26 April  
M.O.S with Peter Simson at Knettsetra 13.00
Freddy Kalas at Knettsetra 15.00
DJ Groendahl is playing at Loftet Bar 15.00
Saturday, 27 April  
Free skiing brunch on Torggata at the Tourist Centre
M.O.S with Peter Simson playing at Knettsetra
Loveshack playing at Knettsetra
DJ Groendahl is playing at Loftet Bar

The Radisson Blu Resort is closed due to a closed event from April 26 at. 15:00 to 28 April at. 12:00.

N.B. The gigs at Knettsetra are free for anyone with a valid SkiPass. A 2-hour pass is the minimum required for entry to Knettsetra on Satirday and Sunday during Trysilsmellen. Please note that capacity is limited to 3,000 people and a valid SkiPass does not guarantee entry if the venue is full. Please note that no bags are permitted on the lift on concert days.

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