Seterrock at Knettsetra

Seterrock programme at Knettsetra, 14-16 April 2022.

14 April 15 April 16 April
13:00 - Max Volym 13:00 - Max Volym 13:00 - Hedda Mae
15:00 - Rydell & Quick 15:00 - Rydell & Quick 14:00 -Ruben has become ill. Admiral P plays instead.
16:00 - Max Volym

Please note!! The concerts at Knettsetra are free for anyone with a valid SkiPass. A 1-day SkiPass is the minimum required for entry. Remember that there is room for 3,000 people, and that a valid SkiPass is not a guarantee for you to enter if it is full. Keep in mind that a backpack is not permitted on the lifts during concert days.