9 Feb - 12 Feb 2023

Mix Megapols Fjällkalas

The biggest mountain party ever - Mix Megapol takes the whole of Sweden to the mountains. The Fjällkalas is the absolute biggest celebration of winter! The whole station takes to the mountains with all its presenters and their listeners.

Book lodging at Mix Megapol's Mountain Party

Mix Megapol has been running the Fjällkalas for 10 years, and now’s the time to make it bigger and better! For 51 weeks a year, their presenters are locked up in a radio studio. Week 6 will change this when Mix Megapol takes over Lindvallen - with a bang! And not only that, this year they are bringing all of Sweden to the party.

Live broadcasts, Fjällkalasbyn and Magic Mountain

Experience the live broadcasts of Gry Forsell with friends at SkiStar Lodge Lindvallen, as well as the Morrongänget from the Lodge Bar on Thursday and Friday mornings. Enjoy the delicious breakfast buffet while you’re there and you're ready to head out to the ski slopes.

Fjällkalasbyn (The Fjällkalas village) on Experiumtorget is open on Fridays and Saturdays, where you can visit the Fjällkalas sponsors and take part in activities such as ski competitions, the Mix Megapol Duel, live broadcasts from the ski slope, music quizzes.

The Magic Mountain by Mix Megapol concludes the evenings and is a brand new and unique skiing experience for the whole family with skiing in a spectacular light show to music with a DJ on the slopes of Valle.

And of course Mix Megapol will be bringing along well-known and current artists to perform on Experium. During Friday's Mix Megapol Live Concert, Molly Hammar will perform alongside Marcus & Martinus, and Arvingarna will round off the party on Saturday. Free admission subject to space.