Frequent Questions and Answers

Can I attend Skiweek even though I'm not a student?
No, Skiweek Åre is specifically for anyone studying at a higher learning institution or university in the Nordic countries and who is over 18 years old.

What does unspecified accommodation mean?
That the accommodation included in the package isnot specified. I.e. you don't know where you will stay until about 2-4 weeks before arrival.

When do we find out where we will stay? 
The reception of your assigned accommodation will contact the person in charge of your booking 3-4 weeks before your arrival. That's when you will find out how many apartments you will get and how many beds are in each apartment. You will also be given a document to fill in regarding who is to stay where (with names), which you then need to send back to reception.

Can you cancel spaces at any time?
No. Please read through our booking conditions carefully and make sure you're aware of what applies with/without the Student Insurance. 

Can you buy separate parts of the package, for example only the Ski week wristband? Or remove something to get a cheaper price
No. The parts included in the Ski week package are sold as just that - a package - and you can't "remove" anything from it.

Can I bring pets?

How do we book for more than 21 people?
By filling in the interest form. We will then contact you as soon as we have processed and checked spaces and availability for your request. 

Can you make a preliminary booking?
During the first 10 days after the date of booking, before you have paid your registration fee, you can cancel/adjust the number of people in the booking without fees. Please read our booking terms and conditions.

Can we add more people to a booking?
If there is space you can. Please contact us to do so.

Can you get a standby space and how do I do that?
Yes, that's fine. Contact us to do so.

Can I stay with the friends I booked with or will you add "strangers" to fill up spaces in the apartment?
You will only stay with the people you have booked with, even if it is an uneven number etc.

How many people can stay in each apartment?
You decide how many spaces you want and then the accommodation is adjusted based on how many you are.

Is there a sauna in the accommodation?
Not in all accommodation and as you're booking unspecified accommodation you won't know until closer to the arrival date which accommodation you will get. So a sauna is not guaranteed. 

How do I book ski rental and ski lessons? And how do I get my discount?
With the Skiweek wristband you will get 20% discount on both ski rental and ski lessons/experiences with SkiStar. The discount code is SKIWEEK2020, which you enter in the "campaign code box" when pre-booking on the web. If you book on site, just show your Skiweek wristband.

How many places can I book?
Max 48 persons/person in charge of booking. If you're more than 48 you need to divide the number into several persons in charge and write in the Special wishes in the interest form that you're booking together.

How do you book bus driver accommodation?
Contact us. We usually accommodate bus drivers at Renen in Duved and book them in from Sat-Thu so that the drivers get immediate access to their accommodation when they arrive on the Sunday as they are usually pretty tired.

What time is check-out?
You will receive this information closer to arrival (about 2-4 weeks before) from your assigned reception. 



No deposit will be required by SkiStar

Tips: We do however recommend that the person in charge of the booking arranges for each person in the booking to pay a deposit to them as otherwise this person (the one in charge) will have to pay all potential costs for damages etc.

The distribution of accommodation takes place in order and when all final payments are provided to us (about mid-December). Information about which units you are assigned will be sent from the respective reception closer to arrival (approx. 2-4 weeks before arrival). At this point the reception will also send out a request about name lists where you fill in who you want to stay where and then return them to the reception. Please note that you will not get the specific room/apartment number until check-in. You are assigned units that suit your group best based on the number of participants/booking mode and we try to meet requests to the extent possible.

SkiPasses are picked up by the person in charge upon arrival in Åre at the assigned reception

No refund of SkiPass if the guest already has e.g. a SkiStarAll card.

Skiweek wrist band:
Is personal and included in the package and acts as your "key" to all the fun on site – e.g. access to après ski, nightclub, the Skiers Village on the slopes and discounts on site. Handed out by the Skiweek hosts to the person in charge of the booking in the receptions at the same time as the SkiPasses.

Registration & activation
Everyone must register at www.AreSkiweek.se to activate their Skiweek wristband. More information and a link to the registration is sent to person who makes the booking as part of the booking confirmation and this person is responsible for everyone registering.

Luggage storage:
Limited space for luggage storage is available adjacent to the reception. More info will be sent from the reception closer to arrival.

Ski rental & ski lessons/experiences:
20% discount when booking on www.skistar.com. Discount code SKIWEEK2021. Online booking in advance is recommended. If you don't do this in time and you need to rent on site, the discount will be given by showing the Ski Week wristband.

You will receive a welcome letter with all the information you need from the reception about 2-4 weeks before arrival.


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