Cross-country skiing Vemdalen

Summary of cross-country skiing and tour trails in Klövsjö, Vemdalen and Björnrike

Latest information about the status of the cross-country skiing trails can be found here » 

Cross-country skiing trail at Vemdalsskalet, in Klövsjö and Storhogna

2.5 km - electric light *
5 km
7.5 km
10 km
+ connecting tracks to Björnrike, Storhogna and Klövsjö.
2 km
3 km
5 km
7.5 km
+ connecting tracks to Vemdalsskalet and 2 km lit trails at Blästervallen.
2.5 km
3 km
3 km - electric light * in the cabin area
5 km
8 km
and + connecting tracks to Vemdalsskalet.
1 km
4 km
6.5 km
9 km
* Illuminated trails at Vemdalsskalet and Klövsjö are open till 22:00. In Björnrike till 23:00

Maps of tracks and trails are available for sale in our Guest Service. Information about serving cabins’ opening hours can be found in Guest Service.

Destination Vemdalen has more information on tracks and trails as well as a cross-country skiing guide for sale. 

Tour suggestions from Björnrike
Björnrike - Varggransstugan approx. 6 km
Björnrike - Vemdalsskalet approx. 8 km
Björnrike - Timmerkojan approx. 2 km (from the top of Mittliften)

Tour suggestions from Vemdalsskalet
Vemdalsskalet - Jaktstugan approx. 4 km
Vemdalsskalet - Oxsjön approx. 9 km
Vemdalsskalet - Vemdalen Village approx. 7 km
Vemdalsskalet - Varggransstugan approx. 3 km
Vemdalsskalet - Varggransstugan - Björnrike approx. 8 km

Tour suggestions from Klövsjö/Storhogna
Storhogna - Sami camp approx. 3.5 km
Storhogna - Fallmoran approx. 4 km
Storhogna - Bräckvallen approx. 5 km
Storhogna - Jors Karivallen approx. 8 km
Storhogna - Vemdalsskalet approx. 9 km

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