Excursion trails

Around Åreskutan and Mullfjället, there are numerous lovely check-marked ski trails to enjoy when the spring sun comes. We have put together some suggestions below. 
No trail passes are required on the check-marked trails. The following tours are not a map, rather a guide to the various tour areas. If you want to go up the mountain, map no. Z5I Åre is recommended.

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DUVED (400 m a.s.l.)

Cross-country trails start 550 metres Northwest of downtown Duved.


Length: 12 km Start: Duved (Hamrelia) End: Ullådalen
From trail centre Hamrelia strenuously uphill to Forsa shielings in the downy birch forest and then bare mountain. The shelter at Forsaskalet is located at 470 metres higher than Duved. Further up through the pass, out over the wide open spaces and easily down Ullådalen’s trail centre 730 metres above sea level. There are lifts, a car park and café.
The ski bus runs from nearby Rödkullen.

14 km Start: Duved’s cable car End: Duved’s cable car
A mountain tour that begins with a lift ride in Duved’s cable car (trail or ski pass required). From the top station northwards to Mullfjället’s peak (with wind shelter 1030 m a.s.l.). Further in a valley to Forsaskalet’s shelter and westward to Forsa shielings. Then due south to Duved village. Bare mountain terrain for most of the tour from the top ski lift station to Forsa shielings. It’s pleasant toward Duved down through the terrain with more and more forest.

11 km Start: Duved’s cable car End: Ullådalen
A shorter version around Mullfjället. Bare mountain terrain from the cable car top station, past Mullfjället’s peak, Forsaskalet’s pass and eastwards over the hilly track of fells to Ullådalen’s trail centre. Ski bus goes from Rödkullen.

ULLÅDALEN (730 m a.s.l.)

Track and Trail Centre is located below the parking lot at Ullådalsliften, 730 m above sea level.

2 km Start: Ullådalen End: Ullådalen
Våffelbruket is periodically open during the winter and it is a popular tour at two kilometres from Ullådalens trail centre. You ski over Ullån then on up through mixed forests and sparse pine forest to the Red House with the good waffles. The same way back.

Length: 2 km Start: Ullådalen End: Ullådalen
From Ullådalen’s parking lot towards Tväråvalvet. At Stendalen lift’s valley station at 850 m altitude in winter-spring is a teepee where coffee, bread and reindeer sausages are served. Right next door there is a lift and led on towards Tväråvalvet.

Length: 26 km Start: Ullådalen End: Åre Björnen (Åre Village)
The first section winds its way in the boundary between forest and mountain, around Västerskutan and down towards Bjelkes mine. The tour can be shortened by half if you make your way from here down to Huså and choose snowmobile or tracked vehicle transport (more info Gruvbacken in Huså 0647-420 62) back to Tväråvalvet (Ullådalen).
Otherwise, continue southwards, east of the most barren slopes of Åreskutan. Then you have mainly a downhill track through downy birch then pine forest toward Åre Björnen, and then take the ski bus back from there.


ÅRE BJÖRNEN (530 m a.s.l.)

The Trail Centre at the cross-country skiing tracks just north of the ski lifts in Åre Björnen

4 km Start: Åre Björnen End: Fröå (Åre Björnen)
Through slightly hilly woodland 530-620 metres above sea level. Serving in Bergstugan at Fröå gruva for the better part of the season. Back the same way or turn into a 15-kilometre track if you want a variation.

12 km Start: Åre Björnen End: Fröå (Åre Björnen)
Mostly gentle-hilled mountain forest terrain (530-740 m a.s.l.) with wind shelter after 10 km if you take the tour clockwise. Serving in Bergstugan at Fröå gruva (approx. four kilometres from Björnen) during most of the season.

26 km Start: Åre Björnen End: Ullådalen
From Åre Björnen's Trail Centre. Varied with spruce forest, thinning downy birch forest, wide moors, ravine passages and occasional escarpments. Shelters at Bjelkes Gruva, Skuttjärn and Ullådalen’s trail centre.

ÅRE VILLAGE (400 m a.s.l.)

Some parts of Åreskutan’s trail system can be reached most easily with the VM8 (chair lift) or Tottliften (surface lift). Trail pass or ski pass is required. You can start the tour towards Björnen and Fröå Gruva or go around Åreskutan, from Tottliften’s highest point. From the VM8 you can take tours on fjällterrassen past Rödkullen, Tväråvalvet, Ullådalen, Lillåstugan, Tegefjäll, Mullfjället, Duved, Huså or around Åreskutan.


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