Win autographs during World Ski Championships in Åre

We are chasing autographs in Åre during FIS Alpine World Ski Championships and best of all, you have a chance to win them. The competition is completed.

The winners are:

Noah Grön

Janecke Rondan

Mikal Steinsli

Alexander Johansson

Ludvig Cederfalk

Monica Bergström

Petter Andersson

Caroline Nordby

Tine Hamilton

Åsa Nordgren

Christian Johansson

Adam Nylander

Eva Hammar

Elin Danielsson

Tommy Richtner

Elon Svensson


The competition will run until 2019-02-21 and you must be over 18 to participate. The winners will be contacted by SkiStar shortly after completing the competition and will be presented here at The jury consists of representatives from SkiStar's marketing department, their decision cannot be appealed.

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