Bare ground season

The mountains has a lot of fun to offer, even when there’s no snow. Bring your class to an outdoor day or class trip, where you’ll have adventures and outdoor activities in an exciting mountain environment.


The snow and the ski slopes conceal bike trails of varying difficulty levels, both for those who want to take the lift up and whizz back down the slopes on downhill bikes and for those who would rather ride great trails up on the mountain. It's a fantastic feeling to experience the mountain environment from the saddle and get that fresh air into your lungs. And everyone can ride a bike at their own level. Our paths and trails are built both for experts and for beginners, downhill and cross-country.


Should you choose to venture into the mountains on foot, you’re in for an amazing experience. The trails are well marked with red or yellow markings, and there are shelters, cabins and lean-tos for those who need a break along the road. 

Spa and bath

Enjoy a spa treatment in Sauna World, or try your hand at indoor surfing. Several of our resorts have a wide range of spa and water park experiences.

High altitude track

Ride a high altitude track which combines climbing, sports and play, high above the ground. 


With the fishing pole in hand, you catch your own dinner together in a calm and quiet environment. 

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