Åre Skiweek 2022

Take a break from studying for a bit and come to Åre to enjoy some awesome skiing, fun with the Skiweek tribe and lots of activities on the slopes. If your legs start to feel heavy and your stomach is rumbling, stop off at Skiers Village for some cool hanging out and lots of competitions. As usual, week 3, 4 and 5 (Sun-Thu) are the applicable days for the Åre Skiweek, all of course at great prices.

Secure your place at Åre Skiweek for 2022

It is important that you remember to register for your Skiweek wristband to take advantage of all the discounts and entertainment on site in Åre.

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If you have any questions regarding booking or accommodation please do contact us at skiweek@skistar.com

If you have any questions about the events programme, please contact the Åre Skiweek project group at info@areskiweek.se


Your Skiweek wristband gets you a 20% discount on ski rental and ski lessons at SkiStar.
When booking, a promotional code is obtained to access the discount online. The discount on site is obtained by showing your Skiweek wristband.

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