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Please note that you may only book a max of 48 people/person in charge. If the number of persons exceeds 48 participants, the group needs to be divided into more persons in charge of booking who then need submit interest forms for each group. When submitting such forms it is important to add that the group is booking with one/several other groups: "Belongs to the same group as person XXX from the XXX section at XXX university. Your e-mail address is unique, so you can only make one request.

Booking insurance SEK 95 / person (for all or none)

When you book an event online, by phone or in person, the personal data you provide will be processed by SkiStar AB and where appropriate by other companies within the group. You personal data may also be handled by SkiStar’s partners e.g. insurance provider, hotels, train, airplane and coach companies, etc. We may even handle necessary personal data you provide about people in your party. If you, when booking the event, provide personal data about other people you must make sure that these people agree to this and that you have their consent to provide the information. If possible you should even make sure that these people understand how their personal data will be handled. SkiStar AB is responsible for the handling of the personal data we collect from you. We may even handle your personal data in order to provide you with offers and other marketing material. You may, at any time, unsubscribe from receiving such marketing at SkiStar AB perform all handling of personal data in accordance with current legislation. You can read our entire Privacy Policy at

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