Training groups

We know what it takes for your training camp to pay off to the max. To be involved and contribute to the development of Scandinavian skiing is important to us at SkiStar. It is therefore natural that we support those who invest in alpine activities for children and young people. We therefore make sure that our facilities offer optimal conditions for training at all levels. We have a number of different training venues and can also open early for training groups. Everything for the best possible conditions for your training.

We can help with:

  • Reserving slopes
  • Ski pass prices
  • Booking lodging

Book training camps early or late in the season; we offer amenities to facilitate your stay: 

  • Keep the housing free of charge between your camps, if you book at least three weekends in a row.
  • Keep the sticks, drills and other equipment in facilities close to the lifts between your camps.
  • Access to spacious premises in close proximity to the ski area for waxing and sanding.
  • Accessible meeting rooms for theory sessions or other group activities indoors.

    Deals during the pre-and late season apply from season start until week 50 as well as weeks 15–18, and can be used on the majority of our ski resorts, subject to availability.

Contact us for questions and bookings:
+ 46 (0)280-88001