SkiStar Business Active Summer

Exchange the big city’s noise for a real mountain environment. Combining work and physical activity creates the conditions for a successful conference with a high return on the time invested.

During the snow-free season, the days are long and the mountains offer a plethora of exciting activities.

Combine bicycling and hiking with your conference. When you return to your hotel, a comfy facility and good meals await you. 

From SEK 2,995/person*. Includes:

  • 2 nights' lodging at one of SkiStar's resort hotels
  • Breakfast
  • Lunches to suit your schedule
  • Mingle buffet, evening 1
  • 3-course dinner on evening 2
  • Walk and talk-conference in the mountain day 1
  • Cycling activity with experienced guides, day 2
  • Access to the hotel's bathing and relaxation facilities
  • Conference rooms, including refreshments
  • Project management from Skistar Business


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