Through a long-term and branch exclusive partnership with us or any of our ski resorts, you will strengthen both your brand and sales. The partnership costs between SEK 1 to 2 million per ski resort per year. The cost varies depending on the size of the destination and the current market value.

A partnership includes:

  • Branch exclusivity.
  • Right of association for the SkiStar brand.
  • Market/event surfaces.
  • Sampling in the skiing area, reception or other relevant areas.
  • Your own wishes and individual solutions regarding on-site activation.
  • Billboards, elevator advertising and digital solutions.
  • Local printing advertises
  • Unique accommodation offers, ski school and ski rental within SkiStar. Valuable to use in i.e. loyalty programs and promotions.
  • Exposed as a partner at
  • A long term cooperation that strengthens the brands and sales.
  • Contributes in contests and events at destinations such as i.e. Skutskjutet in Åre, SkiFuntastic in Sälen or Donald Duck Games in Hemsedal.