Yoga and Pilates

Combine strength training and relaxation with Yoga and Pilates

Challenge your stamina, agility and balance through the Yoga passage at Experium. Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes the strengthening of core muscles and combines strength training, stretching and yoga.


Early morning
Fridays 07:00–09:00/SEK 180
Give yourself the best start to the day by combining Sauna World with a morning swim to music or yoga (yoga classes must be pre-booked).

Experium yoga
Fridays 07:15 
45 min/SEK 180
Yoga in the relaxation room with a mountain view.

Sauna yoga
Wednesdays 09:15
45 min/SEK 180 (pre-booking required)
Yoga in Sauna World’s Roman hot room, the Caldarium.

Thursdays 09:00
60 min/SEK 180
Pilates in the relaxation room with a mountain view.

Book Yoga and Pilates

Call +46 280-86100

Entrance to Sauna World is included in the Yoga and Pilates session. Enjoy a healthy breakfast in Sauna World after your training session.

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