Thai treatments by Sälen Massage Clinic

RELAXING MASSAGE WITH HERBS AND OIL 25/50/75 mins, SEK 585/885/1,285

Massage with a hot ball of herbs that provides relief for tired muscles. The scents from the Thai medical herbs also stimulate mental relaxation.

CLASSIC THAI MASSAGE 25/50/75 mins, SEK 585/885/1,285

Massage that removes more minor tensions. Creates a balance between body and soul. Including a final session using a warm ball of herbs.

DEEP THAI-STYLE MASSAGE 25/50/75 mins, SEK 585/885/1,285

Deep and rough massage that brings a sense of relief and strength on the same day.

REALLY DEEP MASSAGE 50/75 mins, SEK 935/1,385

Truly deep and healing massage with elements of acupressure. Releases longstanding tensions in muscles and ligaments.


A treatment for stiff and tired muscles around the shoulder area and neck. We use liniment and oil.


Foot massage with acupressure, which has an effect on the entire body and improves your blood circulation. The treatment ends with a neck massage.

ROYAL THAI MASSAGE 50/75 mins, SEK 885/1,285

2000-year-old art of massage. This massage technique uses both acupressure and Thai stretching. It helps relieve both pain and stress.

THAI SPORTS MASSAGE 50/75 mins, SEK 935/1,385

Deeper techniques, both acupressure and stretching target deeper in the muscles. For those who are used to massages, or who exercise a lot.

HOT STONE MASSAGE 50/75 mins, SEK 935/1,385

Massage using hot lava stones to relieve tired muscles. The heat enables the masseur to target deeper muscles and makes you more relaxed.